Terms and Conditions

The races are held on a grassed hill with a starting ramp as shown in the Gallery pictures. The ramp is designed to suit most carts and it is important that the following sizes be used when building your billycart. All carts will undergo a safety check and scrutiny after registration on Sunday morning, before being eligible to race. Younger drivers can elect to start from the base of the ramps.

ALL Billycarts and Drivers must comply with the following:

  1. ALL drivers must wear a good condition helmet (bicycle/motorcycle) with chin strap secured
  2. Four wheels only – NO three wheel designs
  3. Must have firmly secured seating
  4. Steering wheel with shaft and connected steering rods is permitted for all ages
  5. Simple rope to front axle steering – Up to and including 12 years of age must use BOTH feet and hand rope to steer
  6. Maximum distance – Front of the cart to the centre of the rear axle = 1600mm
  7. Maximum width – Outside of wheel to outside of wheel = 900mm
  8. Minimum wheel diameter = 150 mm
  9. Minimum ground clearance = 75mm

Please follow dimensions carefully; incorrectly sized carts may not fit the ramps and will NOT be allowed to race.