Indemnity and Release

IN CONSIDERATION for the Rotary Club of Carindale Inc., together with its members, agents, licensees, contractors, subcontractors, subsidiaries, related or associated entities, associates and assignees (“Carindale Rotary”) agreeing to let me take part in the Brisbane Billycart Championships race and other activities now and in the future at the parklands situated at Cadogan Street, Carindale (“the Premises”).

For myself and my executors, administrator and assigns acknowledge and agree that:-

  1. Billy Carting is a dangerous recreational activity in that it involves a significant degree of physical harm to me.
  2. There are risks in Billycarting which are obvious to me as a reasonable person (“obvious risk”)
  3. As a matter of law I have no rights to claim compensation from anyone if I am harmed because of an obvious risk materialising while I am Billycarting.
  4. I voluntarily assume risk associated with Billy Carting and other activities.
  5. I RELEASE Carindale Rotary from all claims and costs I would otherwise have or be able to bring if I am injured of killed or of any of clothing to other property is damaged or lost while I am at the premises regardless of how the injury, death damage or loss happens and even if by way of example it happens as a result of:-
    • The negligence or recklessness of someone else (including Carindale Rotary);
    • The design, construction, condition, adequacy of suitability of the carts, tracks, equipment, services, amusements, land, buildings, or procedures and adopted by Carindale Rotary:
  6. I also accept liability for and will indemnify and keep Carindale Rotary indemnified against and claims or costs arising from any injury or death to any person or persons and any loss of or damage to any property which arises out of my negligence or recklessness while I am at the premises.
  7. I will comply with all rules, regulations, procedures, training information and instructions made or given by Carindale Rotary.
  8. I authorise Carindale Rotary to take photographs, film and other images of me while I am at the premises and to develop, print, reproduce and use them free of charge for any purpose.
  9. I promise that the information about me in this form is correct.
  10. I have read and understand everything in this form.

I request Carindale Rotary to let the Driver take part in the Billycart Race and other activities and I give my consent to the Driver doing so. In exchange, I confirm that I have read and understand the Release and Indemnity Form and on behalf of the Driver, I make the acknowledgement and enter into the agreement and give the authorisations and promises contained in it. I also agree to personally accept liability for and indemnify and keep Carindale Rotary or brought against Carindale Rotary which arose out of the Driver’s negligence or recklessness.