About the Championships

The Rotary Club of Carindale has presented the Brisbane Billycart Championships for 14 years. The Billycart Championships are held on a grass track, where kids of all ages (including adults) are invited to make and race their own billycart. Registration is easy, and costs only $10 per person.

This year the championships are held on the 8th of September, 2019. Registration and scrutineering will open at 7:00am.

The Brisbane Billycart Championships are run alongside the Green Heart Fair at the Carindale Recreation Reserve in Carindale. Admission to the Green Heart Fair is FREE and there is plenty to keep the whole family entertained before and after racing your billycart.

If you can’t build your own billycart, don’t worry, you may borrow one of our 20 loan carts AT NO CHARGE!

We race two different types of carts at the Brisbane Billycart Championships. The Traditional Billycart, which has the classic rope steering billycart, and the Hi-Tech Billycart with mechanical steering, and larger wheels. If you wish to build your own billycart THERE IS A STRICT SCRUTINEERING PROCESS that takes place to ensure the races are fair for everyone on the day. Make sure you read up on our Billycart Specifications before you start building. If you’re having trouble designing your cart we have a guide to help you out.

Please be aware that there is a height restriction, for the safety of the driver, that applies for the Modified/Hi-Tech Carts. The drivers MUST be 120 centimetres, or taller. Our aluminium ramp system will launch carts down the hill, we expect carts to reach speeds up to 30km/h. While we have not had any serious injuries, helmets will be required by all participants on the day.

Before registering to race please carefully read through our terms and conditions of racing and our indemnity and release policy

Registration is only $10 per person

Age groups for 2018 are:

  • 4 and 5 years (non-competitive)
  • 6 to 8 years
  • 9 to 12 years
  • 13 years to adults

Our youngest entrants will start the day’s events from 7.30am, to experience driving a billycart. These young ones will be released by hand on the grass slope below the launch ramps, the hill. Their races will be non-competitive, just to experience the fun of driving a billycart.

Competitive racing will begin at 8:30am with the 6 to 8 year olds. View our race program at the bottom of this page to find out approximately when your age bracket will race.

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Winners and Runners Up in all Age and Cart categories
  • Best Dressed Team (HINT: Dress up as a colourful race team)
  • Most Imaginative Cart Design – the Clem Sturgess Trophy

There are plenty of ways to be involved in the Brisbane Billycart Championships! You can:


2018 Race Program

6:30am – Carts arrive at Drop Off zone (opens at 6:30am)
7:00am – Registrations open, followed by scrutiny.
7:30am – 4 and 5 years – have fun from foot of ramps on the grass
8:30am – 6-8 years racing – Modified/Hi-Tech carts then Traditional carts. Medallions & Trophies presented (note – Hi Tech race first)
9:45am – 9-12 years racing – Modified/Hi-Tech carts then Traditional  carts. Medallions & Trophies presented (note – Hi Tech race first)
– Mascot Parade & Political Mayhem.
Local pollies go head-to-head – on the race track. Along with the Mascot Derby. See our favourite Mascots race off for the Mascot Derby trophy.
12:15pm – 13 and over racing – Modified/Hi-Tech carts then Traditional carts. Medallions & Trophies presented (note – Hi Tech race first)
– Walk up racing. For those who would like to try racing a Hire Billycart. Cost is $5 which includes cart hire. No Medallions presented for this stage of program. Section open to morning competitors at no extra cost.

The 2018 Race Program is also available to download to your phone to keep with you. That way you can be sure when you’ll be racing! Remember to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to be notified of any changes to the race program.