billycart championship officials

Exciting news for 2017:
Again this year, 4 and 5 year-olds are able to experience non-competitive cart racing from the foot of the ramps – from 7.30am.

Be sure to check out the Specifications. (PDF). To be allowed to race your cart, it must comply with the Specifications


2017 Race Program

Times Events
From 6am Carts arrive at Drop Off zone
7am Registrations open. Followed by Scrutiny
7.30am 4 and 5s have fun from foot of ramps on the grass
8.30am 6-8 years racing – Modified/Hi-Tech carts then Traditional  carts. Medallions & Trophies presented (note – Hi Tech race first)
9.45am 9-12 years racing – Traditional then Modified/Hi Tech carts. Medallions & Trophies presented
11am Political Mayhem. Local pollies go head-to-head – on the race track
11.30am Mascot Parade
Mascot Derby. See our favourite Mascots race off for the Mascot Derby trophy
12.15pm Years 13 and over racing – Traditional then Modified/Hi Tech carts. Medallions & Trophies presented
1.30pm Walk up racing. For those who would like to try racing a Hire Billycart. Cost is $5 which includes cart hire. No Medallions presented for this stage of program. Section open to morning competitors at no extra cost.

Don’t have a Billycart?

Don’t worry! Rotary will lend you a Traditional or Modified/Hi Tech Cart from our collection of carts, at no cost.

Trophies will be awarded for:

  • Winners and Runners Up in all Age and Cart categories
  • Best Dressed Team (HINT- dress as a team – colour/style/theme)
  • Most Imaginative Cart Design (Clem Sturgess Trophy)